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I dun normally use flash for my photos and this is one of the rare series that I sometimes do. I love movies and some of Venice's best models do as well, so I came up with the idea of my Venetian Movie Series - get a few like-minded photographers and friends together and create something a little special - to make a movie poster...It's a bit like Cosplay and we pay homage to the movies that we love, things like the Bellboy, Mary Poppins and so on...Here are some of the results...Click on the individual posters to see them clearly! Conditions in making these photos are making a movie, I have to scout Venice to look for the most beautiful, yet secluded locations (not an easy task during Carnevale period) and often scenes have to take place at private locations and at odd hours. We carry a fair bit of lighting equipment and setting these up may take up to an hour so a single shoot can last up to 2-3 hours. At times, photos have to be processed on the spot just to make sure that we have got our desired results.  Only very few pictures in this segment here are shot using natural lighting alone / are spontaneous moments...


The Return of Lady Octopus

Les Montgolfier

The Enchanted Tarot

The Legend of Giulia Farnese


The Wacky Venetian Adventures of Pinocchio

Bolshoi Ballet

Sono di Venezia

The Story so Far

Il Giorgio, L’amore e la Follia

Il Teatro Incantato

Love of an Era

Love of an Era

Love of an Era

Maharajah Sisters

Love through the Ages

Dancing with the Vampires

Theatrum Mundi

Vampire Swansong

Vampire Swansong

Crazy Rich Venetians

Vinage Venetian Secrets

Isabelle and Charlene

The Venetian Academy of Photography

Venice’s Fashion Designer

Venetian Chic

Venice World Heritage

Venice Heritage Site

Venice Heritage Site

The Story of Tintalle

A Venetian Mermaid's Tale

Legends of the Seven Seas

The Barbie and Ken Show

Legends of the Seven Seas

Alladin and Jasmine

The Blue Hour


Commedia dell’arte

Cosmic Love

Venetian Roses

The Mask of Autumn

The Incredible Genie

A Rose in Venice

A Rose in Venice

Midnight at the Masquerade

Mermaid Sanctuary

Under the Sea

The Story of Tintalle

Venetian Ballerina

Purple Flower

The Ketj Lovatel Movie

The Burlesque Vampire

A Portrait of a Family

Italian Renaissance

Il Solenne Ingresso

Portrait of a Young Woman

Les Mongolfier

The Venetian Adventures of Ballerina

Th Apache Movie in Venezia

The Apache Movie in Venezia

Carnival of Criminals

The Venetian Adventures of Orange Ma

At Home with Orange Marmalade

Mermaid's Tears

The Return of Lady Octopus

Riciclo Man vs the Queen of Web

Riciclo Man

The Whacky Adventures of the Riciclo Man

The Acqua Alta Liberia

La Reina dei Ghiarri

The Story of Grimhilde

Biancaneve Story

The Little Girl from Burano

Le Pupe del Birroccio

Midnight in a Toy Shoppe

Incroyables et Merveilleuses

Incroyables et Merveilleuses

Venetian Vampires

Trattoria do Forni

The Joker

The Joker

The Killing Joke

The Venetian Affair

The Magicians

Haunted Venice


Barbie Polizia

Living in Bondage

The Lover

Ballerina / Steadfast Tin Soldier

The Seahorse and the Butterfly

Tales from Under the Venetian Seas

The Sun King

The Sun King

A Portrait of a King

A Portrait of a King, part II

Time to be a Queen

Monsieur Noblesse

The Story of Winter

Venetian Sisters

Midnight Masquerade

Groove is in the Heart

La vita di Mozart

Chimney Sweeps

The Wacky Venetian Adventures of Pinocchio

The wacky Venetian Adventures of Pin

Laurel and Hardy

Tomb Raider

The Rose of Austerlitz

The Piano in the Mystery Hotel

Sempre Famiglia

The Vampires of Venice

The Hillbilly Sheep Proposal

Dancing with the Matador

The Bellboy

Il Solenne Ingresso

Les Mysteres d'Angkor

The Venetian Red Rose

The Illuminator

The Lady at the Mystery Hotel

Venecia la Luna y Tu

The Princess Diaries

Venetian Shades of Grey

La Marvelleuse

Around the World in 80 Days

The Admiral's Abode

The Admiral's Abode part II


The Pied Piper of Hamlin

From Russia With Love

The Venetian Easter Egg Hunt

Secrets of the Mystery Hotel

Fiametta - The Movie

Suspense A Venezia

Honor and Roses

Honor and Roses

Intrecci D'Amore

The Wonders of Venice

La Serenissima

Josepha et ses Mignons

Josepha et ses Mignons

Fairy Tales in Venice



The Crimson Sabbath


Le Nozze di Figaro

Medusa Steampunk

The Plague Doctor


An Italian Love Story

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