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Kati Thanda


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I do have a knack of picking some of the most remote places on Earth for my photos. 

(The closest settlement in this remote Lake Eyre area, where I stayed during this trip - William Creek, is Australia's smallest and has a permanent population of only 3 people.)

Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre National Park (formerly Lake Eyre National Park) is in the Outback region of South Australia. The park is huge and has an area of 13,488.37 km 2 (5,207.89 sq mi), about the size of several tiny European countries, but with very little human impacts. It is probably the largest and most pristine desert river systems found on the planet. Definitely much more than a glistening salt pan in the South Australian outback.

The largely dried out lake is an unusual place that captures the imagination of many people, especially those of landscape and aerial photographers. The best way to see the stunning array of colours, textures and geographical  patterns of this place with the colonies of pelicans in the waters below is from the air using a small plane. This is the place where I do my land portraits / aerial abstracts. The portraits will probably make wonderful interior decor art pieces for modern houses and apartments. 

Lady of the Lake
Heart of Kati Thanda
The Brain
Kangaroo Tail
Two Rivers
Green Snake
Pelicans swimming in the shimmering lake
Pelicans in the Lake
The Milky Land
The Flea
The Devil
Twin Saplings
The River System
Roots of the Land
The White Lotus
The Brain
The Salt Fan
The ink Earth
Cafe Latte
The Hook

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