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The Secret Gardens of Les Jardins d'Annevoie


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This is another episode of my photographic obsession for anything and everything relating to the Venice Carnevale. I just cannot get enough of the splendid costumes and dramatic poses of my Venetian Masked friends. 2 weeks of Carnevale in Venice is never enough for me.

Les Jardins d'Annevoie, one of the most beautiful gardens in the world, is located in Namur, Belgium. 

Every Spring, the Venetian masked costumers relive their fairy tale dreams with their annual gathering at Les Jardins d'Annevoie. Their elaborate costumes matching perfectly well with the ornate gardens and greenery of this wonderful and romantic place. Outrageously lavish costumes set against the most exquisite background in the world, with fountains and running water in the streams, Wallonian statues, peacocks and swans as well as delicate spring blossoms - Apple, Cherry, Daisies, Magnolia, Tulips and more... And of course, we do have piped Venetian opera music in the garden and picnics on the lawn...this place is a real photographer's paradise.