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Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan and home to my Maiko and Geisha friends as well as my ancestral temple. Every year, I make it a point to come to Kyoto and spend some time at my ancestral temple. The Boddhisattva always answers my prayers to grant me and my photos everlasting beauty. And I get to hang out with my Maiko / Geisha friends. Usually we find nice temples and gardens to visit in the afternoons and of course to make beautiful photos. All in our fantasy world of perfumed gardens and ornate temples, a world where refinement and grace is everything. Throughout Japan, the norm for this type of entertainment is a strict policy of  "new customers requiring existing customers to vouch for them", so even for local Japanese people, there is an air of exclusivity and mystery surrounding these ladies.

Maiko-San has previously asked me to do a coffee table photo book on Maikos and Geishas as well as to submit these photos to International photo contests. I am still not quite ready with the book yet, but my photo of Maiko-San has won quite a few Platinum, Gold and Silver medals in competitions worldwide.

Four Seasons in Autumn
Fairy Tale in Autumn
W4A0454 edited
Back in Kyoto
Thingking of you in Autumn
Love in Autumn
Autumn Sweets
Goodbye Autumn
Becoming a Geisha
Tomifuku Fan Dance
Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage


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