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Xposure 2024 - The Venice Carnevale

My recent exhibition at Xposure 2024 in Sharjah, UAE from 28th February to 5th March 2024. This is the world's biggest photo event and it has been going on for 8 years now.

My exhibition material, as requested by curators, is The Venice Carnevale.

I have been photographing the Venice Carnevale from 2014, so this is a big thing for me.

The Venice Carnevale, renowned as the world's most beautiful festival, dazzles with its extravagant masked costumes donned by wonderful attendees. Beyond the masks, locals exude charm in their preference for painted faces and historical garb, adding to the festival's allure.

Masked revellers primarily hail from neighbouring countries, including France, Belgium, Austria, and Germany, contributing to Carnevale's vibrant cosmopolitan atmosphere. Discover the harmonious fusion of cultures, where artistry and tradition unite in this enchanting celebration. Step into a realm of captivating wonder as this photography exhibition unveils the multifaceted beauty and allure of the Venice Carnevale.

The above collage shows the exhibited photos. Full stories of the individual photos can be found in my previous blog articles.

They gave me an appreciation award for my exhbition, so this is another big highlight of my photographic journey.

Once again, a big thank you to everyone that has made this exhibition possible for me. Big thanks to the beautiful model friends who took time out to accompany me on my photo walks during the Venice Carnevale and all fans who came to say hello at the exhbition. And my immense gratitude to Simon Newton and organisers at Xposure for having me.

I promise everyone, the photos from this year's Venice Carnevale will be even better.

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