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The Soho Odaiba 神秘の彩虹大樓

The iconic Soho @ Tokyo...

An interesting small building with 360 rooms, designed by Wonderwall and completed in 2011.

This colourful share workspace in Odaiba is home to 13 floors of open-plan live/workspace office ready for rent. What makes it unique – and an Instagram hotspot – is its colourful exterior and numerous doorways.  

However, if you are planning to visit Tokyo and thinking of taking a photo there, keep in mind that this place is not open to the public. You’ll need to have contacts with someone who living or working there for you to be able to visit.

This photo was taken a couple of years ago.

Even though it has been hailed by some photography websites as being one of the top 10 places for architecture photography, this is strictly private property and not a place for photo workshops. For me, it's just a "been there, done that photo" sort of iconic location for photographers. Glad to add it into my personal collection of travel photos. My forte is still portraits and people photography...

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