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Photographing models and celebrities

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

I frequently get asked if I actually photograph "normal" humans ie people without masks, painted faces or costumes...The answer, YES I do....Remember, my teacher is legendary Hollywood photographer Greg Gorman, so I do have a little experience in creating celebrity style portraitures.

I frequently get photo requests from young model wannabes, aspiring dancers and actors from all over the world on my social media and if time and opportunity permit, we meet up for a photo shoot. ‘Wannabe models’ are everywhere these days. And they need a photographer who helps them establish their portfolio. For me, it's quite a fun process and a wonderful way to meet new people and spot new talents. But because of my extremely hectic work schedules, I need to pick the best ones who suit my dramatic and eye-catching style. Here are a few examples of some model photos I did in the past 2-3 years. And as usual in the above instances, 100% natural lighting, no flash, reflectors or artificial lighting in the above examples.

Similar to my Travel Portraits, the photos must look like a movie still and like what my teacher once said, my hallmarks are the Black and White Monochrome photos and the 15 degree head-tilt.

Usually, for young model wannabes, aspiring dancers and actors, photography is free (I know, I have been thru' it all, we all have to start somewhere...) and I do supply models with high resolution photo files, but like anything that's free - "you are the product" and they get featured on my webpage and contests...and of course, we all take turns to win awards....

I always warn new models that usually I do not work with a lot of fancy gear and lighting equipment and I do not come with an entourage of assistants. I tend to give much less instructions during a photo shoot as well and if I keep shooting at the same angle, that usually means you've got everything right and I am just trying to perfect that shot. In comparison to most fashion photographers, I do not keep clicking to get millions of shots of as many different poses as possible. Usually I am just out for that one classic award winning masterpiece.

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