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Our Skin Days

What happens when one of my best friends and one of Singapore's best known aesthetics doctor Dr. Winston Lee launches a new skin care product? Hee...I get to be poster boy and get free skin care products.

Many of my photography work take place in harsh conditions such as under the bright hot sun in Australia and Ethiopia and then during the very cold winters in Japan, Taiwan and Italy. I frequently get asked questions on what are some of the essential items I carry with me whenever I travel. Well I suppose other than 1 camera body and 2 or maximum 3 lenses, my iPad and iPhone, it's my skincare products. Here are some of the products I now use daily and carry with me whenever I travel for shooting. The items are vegan, cruelty free with really high performance results. And best of it, they are made locally in Singapore. These are the only skin products I use nowadays. And they come in a size that is easily packed away as part of my carry-on luggage. Because wherever I go, I tend to only have a backpack and small trolley back and I never check-in any of my luggage.

They have a webpage and yes, they do ship overseas:

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