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My new business card-2020 edition 名刺

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

They say first impressions are always very important. The latest version of my name card. I do a new edition every year, total of 12 pictures (they change every year). Post card sized, printed on extremely thick quality paper with matt finish on the front, and for the first time this year, velvet red on the back...Self-designed and printed in the United Kingdom...featuring all my favourite works:

  1. Flowers of Ethiopia

  2. Classically Venetian

  3. Reign of the Eternal Phoenix

  4. Geisha Portrait

  5. Love Thru the Ages

  6. i Bagnanti di Senigalia

  7. A Portrait of a Lady

  8. A Red Rose for the Blue Rose

  9. Hidden Smiles

  10. A Moment in Time

  11. A little bit of Bruce

  12. Sisters

I hope it will be to everyone's liking...

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