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Marquise マルキーズ・デュ・パルク

Updated: Mar 9

Marquise-Thérèse de Gorla, also known under her stage name Mademoiselle Du Parc (1633 – Paris, 11 December 1668), was a French actress and ballet dancer. She was one of the stars of Molière's company. She was also known for her love affairs and as an object of affection for many famous people.

To escape a life of misery, Marquise agrees to mary Rene du Parc, also known as Gros-Rene, comedian and comic author in Molière's troupe. First employed for her talents as a dancer, Marquise was then initiated to the profession of actress and became Molière's mistress. When the little troupe performed at Versailles, Marquise, with her beauty, caused quite a sensation with Louis XIV..

Eloise Masse is well known at the Venice Carnevale for her grace and beauty. She has a wonderful collection of dresses and spends most of her time at the Cafe Florian and all the best parties during the Carnevale. This is her costume, by Ivy's Envies, of Marquis.

I have known Eloise for 7 years now, it is a joy to photograph her in all her fabulous dresses.

The Venice Carnevale is not all about Masked Costumers. In fact, there is practically no rules for costumes nowadays - Full mask, half mask, historical costumes, painted faces, cosplay, vampires, clowns...everything goes at the Carnevale...and many of these historical costumed people make the best pictures in this medieval city.

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