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Marco Chen 陳奕銍

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

I frequently get asked this question - How do I choose my models?

Actually, most of the time, it is them who come looking for me and then I choose the best ones that fit my photography themes. My photos are slightly different from many fashion and editorial photographers. There is a general look and style that I am after. Generally I pick those with the strongest and best facial features. And then, we usually end up talking for months online cos I am (or was until the pandemic) travelling very frequently. This is my newest model and probably one of my favourites. Marco first chat me up last year when he saw my photos of the Geisha girls. I had just finished a Geisha shoot in Kyoto and was waiting to catch a flight home from Osaka when Marco messaged me on Instagram. He is a sort of influencer from Taiwan (he's got quite a lot of followers) but he actually holds a steady job as a construction worker, so he's not online often. The guy's actually got some science degree but works in the construction line as it is part of his family's business. Very down to earth guy and certainly not someone who's lost in his own space like many model wannabes. The first impression I have of Marco is that he reminds me of China male supermodel Zhao Lei. The photo was done in Taiwan using natural light only, no make-up whatsoever. And I wanted it in monochrome to have that classical Japanese/ Taiwanese portraits feel, combine this with a timeless, humanistic romanticism touch. So here it is, my new friend and model in his most natural state...

Vogue magazine has already said that this is the era of “casting pluralism,” in which difference, not uniformity, and personality, not passivity, are valued. Beauty has not just a face, but a voice.

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