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La conoscenza di Maria 聖母瑪利亞的智慧

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

La conoscenza di Maria

così in cielo, così in terra...

The knowledge of Mary,

So in heaven, so on Earth…

This is a long unobtainable book by Father De concilio published in 1878. It explains in great detail the role of Mary the Mother of God and why devotion to her is essential. The Irishman Frank Duff read it while on retreat at Mount Melleray in Co. Tipperary. It was the "missing link" which helped him to understand De Montfort's "True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary" and paved the way to the founding of the Legion of Mary - the largest Catholic lay organisation in the world. An essential addition to any Catholic or Marian library.

Using a 2000 year history of Church knowledge and wisdom, Fr. De Concilio lays out a systematic study on the majestic prodigies of this Woman predestined from all time to be the Mother of our Savior and of all mankind. With pinpoint precision he articulates her attributes forming the mosaic of salvation history in God’s plan for Redemption and Sanctification. In every step of the Way, is the Mother present. Her place must be understood again to ensure a full relationship to her Son.

Traditionally, Saturdays within the Church year are dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. This ancient tradition developed in part due to the belief that, as others were filled with fear and confusion, Mother Mary kept vigil on Holy Saturday in prayerful anticipation of Jesus' resurrection. She knew her Son would rise....

This is one of my favourite costumes, by one of my favourite models Mary Cosmica.

The entire outfit is made of paper! Very special…very fashionable…

Mary's costumes are always very different from all the other costumers. They are frequently made of unusual material and often have a nice story/ theme to them.

Mary does not speak English and I do not speak any Italian (very embarrassing thing for me, having been to Italy so many times, but then it's too busy for me to really learn a new language). We do however get along very well and seem to know what each other is saying. I suppose our pictures are the best testimony. This is one of the most talked about photo shoots in Venice this year. And it's one that is totally unplanned...Mary met me on the streets on a delightful afternoon and we decided to do this! (I scheduled only 2 photo shoots this year due to my very last minute decision to come back to Venice...)

The photos were all done on the extremely busy streets of Venice during Carnevale. Mary just stood at the entrance of a tunnel so everything behind her becomes dark. We used only natural lighting, no flash, reflectors or artificial lighting...

See, even street photography can be so spectacular!

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