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L’altra maschera – Marconilandia, un costume per sognare 另一個面具 - 馬可尼蘭迪亞,夢の衣装

L’altra maschera – Marconilandia, un costume per sognare (The other mask - Marconilandia, a costume for dreaming) - a book from my Italian friends Anna and Lorenzo Marconi.

They are some of Italy's best known costumers and this is their 25th year at the Venice Carnevale.

The book traces the artistic history of the Marconi siblings through 56 of the most beautiful images that many photographers from all over the world have taken of their costumes.

Of course, this includes one of my most famous work as the centrefold special pull-out page.

Accompanying them are some texts steeped in memories and emotions that the two creatives wanted to share with those who intend to buy the work.

"The other mask" will be presented to the public in conjunction with the classic unveiling of the two new dresses that will participate in the next Venetian Carnival.

Lorenzo's new costume is a tribute to the most famous and beloved event in Italy, the "San Remo Festival". 33 and 45 rpm records, photos of famous singers, flowers and newspaper clippings help to recreate the right pop atmosphere of the Italian song festival.

Anna with her creation entitled "The winter garden" wants to give a sign of hope and optimism in this dark period. The dress had a long gestation linked to the two lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 when closed at home with no prospects, through her costume and creativity she tried to react.

We first met at the Venice Carnevale in 2016 and we have been meeting up in Venice almost every year since then. Their costumes are always very different and always the best. They re very active in local historical re-enactment festivals. In real life, they operate a handicraft store in their hometown of Senigallia, Italy - ORIENTEXPRESS Artistic Laboratory, a handicraft shop full of original small details that will captivate you beyond reality.

A dreamy atmosphere of a fairytale world, magically gathered around unique creations entirely made with artisan techniques. Painted wood carvings, dressed dolls and furnishing accessories in terracotta and raku ceramics, but also very original gift ideas and theme objects that you would find only in the most elegant dollhouse.

Many of the stuff in their shop shares the same themes as their most famous costumes such as i Bagnanti di Senigallia, Le Pupe del Biroccio and Ill Teatro incantato.

For those who would like to visit OrientExpress store:

And for those who would like to purchase the book directly from the publisher:

I am so glad to have my works included in this very special book. Thank you Anna and Lorenzo, this is another fairy tale for me!


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