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Kyoto Geisha Fine Art Prints

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

I convert some of my best works into Fine Art Prints, paying every little detail from processing to the choice of paper - Pearl, Watercolour Cotton Rag, Japanese Bamboo and Mulberry etc to bring out the best of my images for my favourite subjects. I actually visited some factories in Japan just to see the quality of their printing paper and a few of my signed prints are actually housed in Japanese antique wooden frames. I have been photographing the Geishas of Kyoto for 6 years now and they remain some of my favourite photo subjects and best friends. Of course the Geisha girls each have physical copies of their own portraits by me, so what you see here, they each have a copy on display in their homes - the girls say their parents love the photos very much. Here are a few examples of signed copies by the Geisha girls themselves. Geishas in Kyoto are much revered and regarded as celebrities in Japan. Geisha are found throughout Japan, but Kyoto is considered the birthplace of Geisha culture.

Printing images brings to them life in a manner that is very different from just viewing them on a digital monitor, tablet or phone. When printed and hung on a wall, the picture leaps off the page and grabs a viewer's attention with much ease. This is unlike a computer screen, where viewers cannot easily scroll past or flip to another page. Viewers are confronted head on with the story and it is up to them to decide how to interpret it upon first impressions. My prints actually look much better than my online versions and often captivates an onlooker in ways a screen can never do. I like to be able to touch my images, move them around, frame them and hang them on my walls. And I remember the Geiko Tomitae close to tears of joy when she first received her portrait from me. I print for nuance, detail and impact. Naturally, the autographs makes the final product even more memorable. And this is the very end result I want to achieve with my photography - Multi-award winning Travel photos that look like a movie scene or poster, printed on the best fine art archival paper to bring out their best details, displayed in Galleries worldwide and signed by the artistes. This is my Art of Travel Medicine.

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