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Il Solenne Ingresso 莊嚴的入口

Il Solenne Ingresso began as a simple family portrait for my friends Anna and Lorenzo Marconi and family.

My friends Anna and Lorenzo hail from Senigallia, Italy and they have been coming to the Venice Carnevale for the past 25 years. Their costumes are always the best and I am so honoured to have the opportunity to photograph them. The photo was done during the Venice Carnevale in 2018. This is one of my favourite and best known photos.

The historical costumes here is based on real life family heirlooms and relives the fifteenth-century atmosphere of Giovanni Della Rovere and his Court, between dances, art and military life to celebrate the arrival of the new Lord in Senigallia.

The event tells of the arrival in Senigallia in 1479 of its Lords Giovanni Della Rovere and Giovanna da Montefeltro, after having married in Rome the previous year; the city of Senigallia had in fact been entrusted by Francesco Della Rovere, Pope Sixtus IV, to the skilful administration of his nephew Giovanni.

What started off as a set of historical costumes and family portrait in 2018 quickly progressed to be made into a short movie and a real-life re-enactment annual event in their city of Senigallia. A success, from every point of view! A never-ending show for a weekend that made the city of Senigallia relive one of its most important pages: the entry into the city of the Della Rovere Dukes.

The Solemn Entrance is a choral project that was born from an idea of ​​Anna and Lorenzo Marconi who oversaw the Artistic Direction, first obtaining the patronage of the Municipality of Senigallia and subsequently an important European recognition. The event in fact boasted the mark of the 2018 European Year of cultural heritage and was included in the Italian calendar published on the website with interest the event. The procession paraded through the streets of the historic center, stopping near the Church of the Cross, where the coats of arms of the Della Rovere family were displayed: an exhibition curated by Giuliano Vichi.

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