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3x Silver Awards at the WPPI 2021

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Got an email today to say that I managed to score 3 Silver awards at this year's WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) Awards. This is probably the most prestigious wedding, portrait and print competition in the world favoured by professional wedding photographers especially and held annually in the USA. Generally, the biggest names of the industry are there.

Because of the current pandemic and its related travel restrictions, and with the work requirements of my 2 other jobs as a Travel Medicine specialist and Astrologer, I have not come up with any new work since the pandemic started last year.

I still cannot recommend any travel for leisure at this moment in time, so I used only my previous works. I suppose this contest confirms some of my most classic works - one from each of my favourite destinations:

Thinking of you Day and Night - Kyoto, Japan

Havana Queen Story, Havana, Cuba

i Bagnanti di Senigallia, Venice, Italy

I have done separate blog posts in the past for the stories behind each of my above multi-award winning photos.

Thank you once again all friends whom I am fortunate to meet and photograph.

Thank you for making my travel photos look so amazing.

Rain or shine, we did have a lot of fun making these pictures.

Hopefully, I''ll start producing new work again in 2023 or 2024...

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