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柳暗花明 りゅうあんかめい Yanagi Ankamei

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

柳暗花明 - A sight of dense willow trees.

An elegant spring scene with dark willows and flowers in full bloom. Sometimes it refers to the world of flowers and willows.
Coupled with the favorable season of lily, dark, and light, it is finally time to pray for good health and good fortune.
柳暗花明 (Willow Dark Flowers) is a Chinese idiom meaning passing through a dark willow forest and suddenly seeing a bright garden. It is often used as a metaphor for suddenly seeing hope in a difficult situation.


The Song Dynasty poet 陸游 Lu You has a poem 游山西村 "Touring the Shanxi Village", which once used "willow dark flowers" to describe the scenery, Lu You's original poem is "mountains and heavy water have no way, willow dark flowers and bright village", which means that the waterway is very tortuous, take a boat on it, originally thought that there was no way ahead, who knows that when you turn a corner, the originally dark scenery, suddenly cheerful, appear in front of you is a bright scenery. It is because of these two poems of Lu You, later "willow and flower" can be used as a metaphor for the desperate place to come to life and suddenly turn around. It is used to refer to situations whereby despite all the difficulties around, everything will work out in the end...

Tomitae is one of Kyoto's most popular geishas. I have known her for close to 10 years now. A lady of fine taste for fine food, sake and the latest kimono trends. Tomitae tells me she enjoys photo sessions like this and likes to collect my fine art prints...

As usual, everything done using natural lighting flash, artificial lighting or reflectors used... Just a simple portrait at the park opposite the teahouse...

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