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The Night in Tokyo 東京の夜は過ぎてゆ

Guess where am I now? Wish I am in Tokyo photographing the Olympic Games, but nah, still stuck at home.

Just a quick update/ article - been really busy with work over the past few months - (hence not much time spent on social media nowadays)......much more so with my telemedicine and vaccination stuff , fengshui/ astrology consults such that photography has to take a backseat. During uncertain times as such, it is important for me to grab onto as much business opportunities because travel has basically come to a standstill and lockdowns can be intimidating (although they are an essential must to stop the pandemic). Really lucky to have all my schedules fully booked and to have some extra money on the side to do home improvement projects.

Let's face reality, such pandemics generally occur every 100-200 years, and last on average 3-9 years. What follows is usually the same - quarantine, riots, recession etc.

Hence I haven't been traveling overseas since February 2020 and basically have very few new works to show, although thankfully more of my previous works are being snapped up by galleries overseas.

Airfares are very expensive, flight schedules are highly unpredictable and subjective to changes, plus the additional issues of swabs or blood tests depending on which countries one travels to and of course the periods of quarantine. In addition, many countries have banned their citizens from traveling abroad for non-essential activities. Basically, unless one has plenty of money and time and dun mind all the above hassles, International Travel for leisurely purposes are a no-go with the current pandemic. The situation is not expected to change for the better in the next 1 year at least (trust me, I checked the stars, astrology and bazi charts - no fire element in the years 2020, 2021 and 2022 - meaning very hard time for the travel, restaurant and entertainment industries in general), so for all those who are wondering when my next trip to Venice or Annevoie will be - highly unlikely until at least 2023 or 2024.

My first destinations when International flight routes open up will probably be Japan or Taiwan - these are the places where we have direct flights and where I have friends just in case I get stuck with flight changes. Or alternatively, friends from overseas will fly over to visit me in Australia - which might be a more convenient arrangement altogether.

Photo was done by my friend Peter Rossi and his wife Charmaine Heyer when I visited them in Cairns earlier this year before the lockdown. They are 2 of the best known photographers i Australia. They have imagined me on the busy streets in Tokyo, where I used to frequent 4 times a year.

I know, everyone wants to travel, at this point in time I wish I am in Japan as well - unfortunately there is a time for everything...

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