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The Ace of Hearts 紅桃王牌 ハートのエース

All ACE's are associated with wishes and desires. Diamonds with money, Clubs with marriage, Spades with war and death. Hearts symbolizes relationships and love. The meaning of the Ace of Heart is an immense craving to be loved. Notice the key word is to "be" loved, rather than just simply about love.

The Ace is the number of the self and often translates into self-centredness. Negatively expressed, the Ace of Heart will flirt and skirt around objects of their desire, until they see what love can do for them.

The Ace of Heart has a affable, magnetic and charming presence, allowing it to attract many business opportunities. They always want to look good in the eyes of others, and appreciate beauty while striving for self-improvement. They are stimulating and ingenious when it comes to ideas, but find it uneasy to make choices in regards to work and health.

In cartomancy, the Ace of Heart symbolises happiness and prosperity of people living in the house. This card often stands for a breakthrough in feelings, declaration of love or a wedding.

Marki Nice is a well-loved French comedian who is a frequent face at the Venice Carnevale.

Always so charming and full of smiles, the wonderful Marki poses for a portrait on the cobblestone streets of Venice. The portrait is done using natural lighting only, with Marki standing at the entrance of a tunnel so that the whole background becomes black and non-essential people and objects behind him can be easily hidden away. The streets of Venice become extremely crowded during Carnevale and it is quite impossible to get quiet moments otherwise. For similar reasons, setting up lights and backdrops in the open streets and squares are quite impossible. Rental of studios and private areas for photo shoots can be very expensive so often, we make use of just what we have. This classical black background is what I often include in my photo workshops for my photography students.

Marki can be contacted via his own webpage:

The Venice Carnevale is often frequented by international celebrities from all parts of the world, Masked costumers, Historical costumers and the local Italians who prefer painted faces. And many of these non-masked costumers often offer the best photo results.

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