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Si02 Element 土星

Updated: Jan 14

For hard core fans of the Venice Carnevale, another big surprise from one of the biggest names in the industry...

The costumes of Nicola Pignoli this year are again very unusual, very unpredictable and most unlike any of the others I have photographed. They are recognised by all veteran costumers to be amongst the best of the best! I still remember the scene 3 years ago when so many veteran costumers rushed to get a photo together with them when they did lesmontgolfier at San Marco's Square… Their costume projects started over 5 years ago (4+1 break) in which they represented in their own way the 4 elements: Water (Neptunia), Air (lesmontgolfier), Fire, (Shamanika)... and Earth (Si02 Element). The concept came from seeing amethysts, a purple mineral (one of their favourite colours) and perfect representation of the earth and then a gecko...

The costumes are difficult to put on and their mobility with the costumes are limited. The gecko costume is something like a wetsuit but of course much heavier with all the scales and amethyst crystals stuck onto it. Ilaria's corset is rock hard so she cannot sit or squat with it. Their concept is partially of a performing arts kind with the gecko crawling around on all fours, but I prefer my friend standing so most of my photos are of him standing or leaning against a wall. Initially, I was planning a sci-fi feel to the photos - a concept like that of the cult television series V, or some of the bounty hunters from Star Wars, but then later decided to do something more medieval. I finally settled on a Dungeons and Dragons feel to the photo…both Nicola and I are big fans of things like Dungeons and Dragons, Magic The Gathering etc. The photo actually has lots of potential for photoshop and graphic design art, so maybe I will work more on it and see if I can come up with another surprise….just a rough edit for now…

My work on the Venice Carnevale is a little more different, with costumed subjects of all kinds rather than the traditional full masks.

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