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Scena della mitologia marina con tritone e sirena 人魚と人魚の海洋神話の一場面

Scena della mitologia marina con tritone e sirena - A scene from marine mythology with triton and mermaid.

Day 2 of the Venice Carnevale, I met a beautiful lady calling out to me at San Zaccaria, it’s my old friend Marinella Tormena and her partner Pasquale Giordano…

I love sea-themed costumes and these Merfolk are just so beautiful!

Merfolks, Mercreatures, Mermen or Merpeople are legendary water-dwelling human-like beings. They are attested in folklore and mythology throughout the ages in various parts of the world. Since Renaissance times, the arts from Venice are already teeming with sea monsters, with the majority being mermen and mermaids. Costume-wise, they are some of my favourite subjects to photograph, especially when they come in blue color.

Just look at all the details in the costumes! The scales are made of real leather - an unusual choice for Venetian costumes and there's quite a bit of real seashells on the costumes and props. The creativity of these costumers is just insane. And not too many colors - just 4- Blue, Yellow, Gold and White, which makes it good for fine art photos.

This is another of my favourite mask photos this Carnevale!

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