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Prezioso Segreto 貴重な秘密

Prezioso Segreto.

Avvolgi il tuo viso di rara bellezza e velalo. Segretamente nascondilo a chi non può comprendere il tuo sorriso.

La tua magia, il tuo potere di essere Madre-Perla.

E Rivelalo sussurrando al mare, il mistero dell' amore Perlato.

"Precious Secret"

Wrap your face in rare beauty and veil it. Secretly hide it from those who cannot understand your smile.

Your magic, your power to be Mother-of-Pearl.

And Reveal it whispering to the sea, the mystery of Pearly love.

Mary Cosmica is one of the most respected veterans at the Venice Carnevale. Her costumes are always so special and very different from the rest. It is always a real treat to photograph her.

Sometimes, when I get a very unique costume, I feel the best presentation is to set it against a black or single coloured background to bring out the best in the costume. I usually just stand them at the entrance of a tunnel to achieve the effect.

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