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On the way home 回家の路上 - 京都市電号2001車

"On the way home" is actually a series of candid shots taken inside the Kyoto City Tram Preservation Car No. 2001 at Umekoji Park. The tram was built in 1964 and was the first one-man car in Kyoto. Six cars were manufactured and used until the complete abolition of streetcars, after which they were transferred to Iyo Railway from 2002 to 2006, and 2001 was kept in storage. It is now used as the "Umekoji Park General Information Center''.

The photo was taken in December 2021, a day before TomiFuku heading home for her annual leave. TomiFuku says first the train, then the plane, and then she'll be home... (Entries into my blog are done in a random manner. I am really a bit slow in processing my photos this year.)

TomiFuku and I were touring the nearby gardens when it started to rain. So we seeked shelter inside the tram, and of course take a couple of souvenir pictures.

Maikos don't travel by bus or trams usually. They usually commute to their workplaces by walking or via taxis. Buses and trams are not the best places for photos because they are often crowed so this day must be our lucky day.

TomiFuku is one of the most sought after maikos of all time, but alas, her health is not very good at present and she is now resting back home in Okinawa. Okasan spoke to me over the phone recently about her current situation. We are not sure if she will return although we really hope she does and we wish TomiFuku a speedy recovery, good health and everlasting beauty....

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