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No Photos Please 謝絕攝影

Updated: May 10, 2023

Costumes of all kinds are present at the Venice Carnevale. From the classic full masked costumers with their outrageous costumes, cosplayers, vampires, clowns, and the painted faces and historical costumes so favoured by the local Italians. Some are so grand and cumbersome that they find it difficult and slow to move around, others prefer it light so they can walk around easily and make merry at the cafe and restaurants.

This is one of the most clever costumes that I have seen in my 10 years at the Venice Carnevale. Very simple, no frills and works really well for photos. These two just sat themselves near the top of a flight of stairs at San Marco's Square and gladly waved and posed for pictures to the few people that actually spot them. Their costumes are very simple...just some cheap "Mr Boss" glasses and moustache mask coupled with the "No Photos Please" signage and their choice of everyday clothes in black.

"Can we take a picture?" This is a most common question asked to costumed people at the Venice Carnevale. And it's often not one that is easily answered. At least half the costumed people get tired of tourists asking for photos after awhile...Most tourists are rude, they won't take no for an answer, their requests for photos are often never-ending (one photo becomes two, and then three etc...then comes more of their friends and more tourists). Some will even pluck at your costumes (feathers and crystals are their favourite) and some like to decorate you with confetti. The worst disaster comes when they decide to jump in front of your private photographer, taking over the entire photo shoot so you get zero good photos. They have zero concept that you are rushing to a party or going back to the hotel for a meal and toilet break because you have been outside for hours. It is no wonder why many of my costumed friends like to hide during Carnevale - we have many of our activities away from where the crowds are.

I have absolutely no idea who this couple are, but their "No Photos Please" photo concept is surely different and their choice location is ingenious. Few would brave the steps to stand or sit next to them and they are safe from any confetti attacks.

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