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Men of Valour 中世紀騎士

Da ogni Medioevo germoglia un Rinascimento... (From every Middle Ages a Renaissance sprouts....)

These are a set of streetside portraits for some of the local Italian guys during Carnevale. Their costumes are all original armour. The guys hail from the group Compagnia del Grifoncello - a historical-reconstructive group that recalls the oldest Armory Company of the city of Perugia operating between the 14th and 15th centuries.

For many notable Italian knights, their career began at a mercenary company from where they would ascend to the ranks of knighthood through their valor.

The photos were done on a rainy day during the Venice Carnevale. I remember it raining the whole day, the weather forecast said the rain would stop at 1pm, but it was still quite heavy even at 3pm. I thought the guys wouldn't come out because of the rain, but like real knights, they kept their promise. The photos were done in the rain...yes, the droplets of water on the armour are real and the guys' hair were really wet from the rain...

As always, the photos were done using natural lighting only...

The photo experience is just like something out of a real movie set.

As I said many times before, the Venice Carnevale is not all about masks. Local Italians prefer painted faces and historical costumes. They are equally beautiful to photograph.

During Carnevale, the whole Venice becomes a real life theatrical stage...

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