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Lily Air Merah Muda 觀音蓮

Updated: Mar 22

Lily Air Merah Muda - The Pink Water Lilies...

The theme of this year’s Carnevale is Ad Oriente - The extraordinary journey of Marco Polo.

Marco Polo’s journey included Indonesia, so my friend Mary Cosmica has come up with an Indonesian/ Balinese dancer themed costume. The main idea of this photo series is to get something with a chinoiserie feel.

The Legong Tri Sakti Dance is one of the renowned traditional dances of Bali, known for its profound meaning. Typically performed by three female dancers adorned in beautiful and elegant traditional Balinese costumes, the Legong Tri Sakti Dance carries numerous meanings and symbolisms deeply rooted in Balinese culture. The dance is typically performed by three female dancers. The Legong Tri Sakti dance depicts three Hindu Gods, namely God Brahma, God Vishnu, and God Shiva, which in Hinduism is called Dewa Tri Murti. The clothing attributes of each dancer have a different color, red symbolizes Lord Brahma, black symbolizes Lord Vishnu, and white symbolizes Lord Shiva. Legong Tri Sakti dance also has important moral values for Balinese people. This dance teaches the importance of cooperation and harmony in life.

Inspiration for this photo comes from the 1935 drama travelogue silent film Legong: Dance of the Virgins...

The costume is very beautiful, but slightly different from the Legong dancer costumes we see in Bali today, whose headpieces are adorned with fresh flowers. But remember, this is Venice and it needs to fit Venice with that chinoiserie look.

The costume works wonderfully against a black background. As usual, all photos made using natural lighting only, on the busy streets of Venice during Carnevale. Mary stood at the entrance of a tunnel, so eveything behind her becomes black....In Venice, we have to make do with what we have because it is so crowded everywhere....

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