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Fake News 假新聞

“Free information is a prisoner. She is imprisoned in the prisons of the masters of finance, in the hands of the richest people in the world. She has fallen into the trap of those who can buy everything. The information you hear on TV or newspapers is a clown…He exposes his one-way articles, the same all over the world, and exposes them to minds full of darkness…” - a powerful and artistic demonstration by Gioacchino Sparrone…

Every year, my Italian friend Gioacchino Sparrone will come to the Venice Carnevale in two different costumes. One will definitely contain a social awareness theme. Her theme this year is Fake News...

Fake news or information disorder is false or misleading information (misinformation, including disinformation, propaganda, and hoaxes) presented as news. Fake news often has the aim of damaging the reputation of a person or entity, or making money through advertising revenue. Although false news has always been spread throughout history, the term "fake news" was first used in the 1890s when sensational reports in newspapers were common. Nevertheless, the term does not have a fixed definition and has been applied broadly to any type of false information presented as news. It has also been used by high-profile people to apply to any news unfavorable to them. Further, disinformation involves spreading false information with harmful intent and is sometimes generated and propagated by hostile foreign actors, particularly during elections. In some definitions, fake news includes satirical articles misinterpreted as genuine, and articles that employ sensationalist or clickbait headlines that are not supported in the text.

The prevalence of fake news has increased with the recent rise of social media, especially the Facebook News Feed, and this misinformation is gradually seeping into the mainstream media. Several factors have been implicated in the spread of fake news, such as political polarization, post-truth politics, motivated reasoning, confirmation bias, and social media algorithms.

Fake is the new dope, Fake is the new hope…

I know other people may have other preferences, but this kinda photos are more my kinda things now…

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