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Cronulla Rock Pools 克羅納拉岩池

An iconic feature of the Australian coastline, particularly in the state of New South Wales, are their historic rock pools/ tidal baths—outdoor swimming pools carved out of the rocks at the ocean’s boundaries. The waves smash into the pools filling them and with seawater but protecting the pools from sea creatures.

These ocean pools first began to appear in the 1800s. Today, there are over one hundred rock pools in New South Pools alone, some of which are Olympic-sized pools with many lanes.

The Cronulla North and South pools are just a few steps from each other and they are some of the most beautiful rock pools in New South Wales. Both Cronulla’s rock pools are on the same rock platform that sits between the North and South beaches. They are much loved swimming locations for residents and visitors alike and are especially busy with people during the summer months.

Most of my weekends are spent walking along the beaches of the Australian suburbs. Maybe I should do more pictures around these rock pools...

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