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Attaccabottoni おしゃべり箱

Attaccabottoni - Chi si mette a chiacchierare con chiunque e fa perdere tempo

Attaccabottoni - translated into English as a buttonholer - meaning one who detains somebody in conversation against their will; commonly referred to as a chatterbox,  windbag, or bigmouth. An informal word for a person who talks a lot, especially a child.

This is my friend Gianluigi, a veteran at the Venice Carnevale. He's been around at the Venice Carnevale for nearly 30 years now. He is a joy to be with. He has his own style and his costumes are always so different from others and yes, very photogenic.

For this costume, he has a pocket sized music player where he plays, sing-a-long and dances to the tune of Quattrocentocinquanta bottoni from the 1976 edition of Zecchino d'Oro. Zecchino d'Oro (Italian pronunciation: [dzekˈkiːno ˈdɔːro, ts-]; meaning "Golden Sequin") is an annual Italian children's song competition established in 1959 by Niny Comolli. It is broadcast by Rai 1 and is open to singers aged 4 to 10. From 1976, the contest took on an international perspective - each year seven songs performed by Italian contestants and seven by foreign contestants voted for by a children's jury. The winning song is rewarded with the Zecchino d'Oro award. As has been regularly stated during the event, the songs are written by famous Italian musicians, not the children who sing the competing entries. This rule applies to all editions.

Thank you Gianluigi, for another wonderful performance at the Venice Carnevale. These are just some streetside portraits, using natural lighting only.

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