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A little bit of Bruce 來不及勇敢

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

This is another of my most famous images "A little bit of Bruce".

It has won numerous awards worldwide, and the winner of The People's Choice Awards at the Travel Photographer of the Year 2019-2020 and more recently at the Mono Awards 2020.

Many people have asked me about the story behind the photo so here it is...

I took my new found friend Jose for a stroll in old Havana. He's a model wannabe and has gotten so big lately that he couldn't find a shirt that fits him. I knew that in old Havana, there would be friendly locals who'd come and chat us up, so plenty of photo opportunities. The two of us walking down old Havana would be an interesting sight to the locals. And because only Jose could speak the local language, they'd be more likely to approach him first. As for the old lady in the photo, no one knew who she was.... in actual fact, my friend got molested, and I got one of the best pictures of all time..

After the incident...

Jose: Robin, I heard that in Venice you are a master in setting up scenes for photo workshops..but the scene just, it was just wow...I never expected something like that...

Me: you mean the old lady?

Jose: did you find her?

Me: Errr...I actually dun know her at all...I didn't plan anything today...

Jose: You mean you dun know her at all?

Me: ever see me talking to her? You see me paying her any money? But if you like photos like this, it can be arranged you know, let's go find you more old ladies...

Jose: Shit you....(and starts chasing me down the narrow streets of Old Havana...) The title "A little bit of Bruce", with the Bruce referring to Bruce Weber - a photographer whose works of those Abercrombie and Fitch models that I have always admired, of course I can never be compared to Bruce Weber, so just a little bit of Bruce...

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